Recent Events in East Asia and the Pacific

  • Taiwan air force jets “drove away” a Chinese fighter plane that briefly entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone on Tuesday, the defence ministry said, reporting the third intrusion in a week, Reuters.
  • “In the South China Sea, American and Chinese warships routinely come close to colliding,” Daily Beast.
  • “A national security law designed by Beijing to tighten its grip on Hong Kong was put before China’s legislative organ Thursday. Even though its details still have not been shared with the public or the city’s top officials, the law’s implementation will be fast-tracked soon,” Daily Beast.
  • “In the Korean Peninsula, after Pyongyang blew up a liaison office that is the site for talks with the south, Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s sister, is cranking up the DPRK for military action,” Daily Beast.
  • 20 Indian soldiers were rendered casualties in a border clash with China in the first casualty-yielding skirmish in about 40 years between the two countries. The casualties from the Chinese side are yet to be determined.